1. Critical analysis of various U.S. energy issues, myths, and global effects.

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  2. "When you average out the emissions from all 55 million iPads sold (7,590,000 kg CO2), it equals the emissions of 1.2 million cars in one year."



  5. "You have to remember that energy is a huge, capital-intensive business, and it takes a very long time for new technologies to scale. The euphoria that comes out of Silicon Valley when you see how quickly a Twitter or a YouTube can emerge doesn’t apply to the energy industry."

  6. "Not only are oil supplies plentiful, but demand in the US and Europe has been lower, owing to decreasing car use in the last few years and weak or negative GDP growth in the US and the eurozone. Simply put, increasing worry about a military conflict between Israel and Iran has created a “fear premium.”"
    — Quoted from Nouriel Roubini’s article, Scary Oil